NYFW Street Style Trends —

I LOVE Fashion Week…and almost more than the runway shows themselves, I love the shows happening out on the streets – the street style looks from guests attending the shows. The “real” fashion is, of course, amazing, but generally unattainable by us common-folk. I love to see what’s being worn out on the streets by […]

via NYFW Street Style Trends —


4 thoughts on “NYFW Street Style Trends —

  1. I don’t mind when someone shares a picture from my blog onto theirs, along with appropriate sourcing credit and a link back to my blog…but when you take an entire section of my blog, text and everything, that’s not cool. This entire post of yours is taken from my blog. Pictures, layouts, text, everything. Just so your readers know, this is where this post came from – from my blog post of September 14, 2018 here https://fashionschlub.com/2018/09/14/nyfw-street-style-trends/


      1. You still shouldn’t have shared my text and layout as your own. It makes it look like *you* created it, and you didn’t. You could easily have said, “For a look at Fashion Schlub’s review of NYFW Street Style, click this link,” and they would have just come to my blog.


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