17 Airport Outfit Ideas! (For Summer, Winter, Short Flights AND Long Hauls.)

Beautiful, Creative, Inspiring . . . Life.

Hello, beautiful people, my name is Mia and the only somewhat beneficial thing I get from my OCD-ridden brain is the ability to completely not freak out about massive, life-changing things and instead freak out about absolutely meaningless nonsense. (I mean, the only beneficial thing aside from being great at detecting patterns but how? is? that? useful? in? any? way? shape? or? form?)

Case in point? I’m moving to literally the other side of the world with two girls I literally have met twice and I am unfazed; I have planned quite literally nothing. Now, my airport outfit however? Well, that needs to be tried and tested; we need to look at all different variations. It needs to be the right blend of comfortable and chic. Casual, yet still stylish.

Why? Absolutely no fucking reason. Is what I’m wearing to the airport going to change the outcome of my holiday?…

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